‘Andersen’ calls for death threats for inciting Nun’ez to get a red card

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Crystal Palace centre-back Joachim Andersen can’t stand it. Instagram and the Premier League help deal with it urgently. After receiving death threats and harassing him As a result. Darwin Núñez was sent off in the 1-1 draw with Liverpool.

Crystal Palace defender Joachim Andersen has revealed he received 300-400 messages on Instagram. After receiving death threats, insults and accusations of cheating on Instagram. After Darwin Nunez was sent off in the game. Ruean Kaew Castle invaded Liverpool 1-1 in the English Premier League match. On Monday Night On Monday the 15th of August last

'Andersen' calls for death threats for inciting Nun'ez to get a red card

Uruguay national football team at the start of the field at Anfield Being provoked by the Danish defensive line until I can’t control my emotions. Using his head to hit until he received a red card in the 58th minute, with the team behind 0-1, but still good that Luis Diaz, the Colombian offensive line, scored a beautiful goal, helping the Reds to pursue equalizer successfully and finish. The game is divided into points.

Andersen said after the game: “Over the course of the UFABET game, I was attached to him. I annoyed him a lot. And played well with him, I think that’s why he got a little bit angry with me. in that situation He banged his head at me for the first time. and I told him He shouldn’t have done that. I got mad at him and then he did it again which for me was really stupid. That’s clearly a red card.”

which after Another issue followed when the 26-year-old defender of Prasat Ruean Kaew revealed he had received 300-400 offensive messages on Monday night. which such messages range from allegations of cheating profanity and the threat of life for oneself and family 

 “There was a message last night. (Inappropriate) Approximately 3-400 messages ” Andersen posted on personal Instagram ” I understand that you support the team. But be respectful and stop being violent online, hopefully Instagram and the Premier League will do something about it.”