Cookie rate of Slavic card game calculation

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The cookie payment score will be based on Player’s score x in-game multiplier from playing cards x default in-game cookies. Which at the beginning will have a score of equal 0 at the end of the first round and the second round. each round will be counted as payout cookies. The winner will be charged 15% into the game as a service fee. It just deducted into the UFABET game. That’s it each position has points as follows.

  • Slavic -2
  • Secondary Slav -1
  • Queen +1
  • Kings +2
cookie rate calculation

For example is the default bet cookie is 200. The multiplier in the total room is x 10.

Player A wins is the Queen in the first round and the King in the second round. Two rounds total score is [Queen(+1) + Kings(+2) = 3 Points]. This player will get cookies for winning is 3 x 10 x 200 = 6,000 cookies and 15% deducted for game fee. The remaining net will get 5,100 cookies.

Player B loses to become a Slav(-2) in the first round. and the Slavic (-1) in the second round The total score of two rounds is [Slavic(-2) + Secondary Slavic(-1) = -3 Points], this player will lose cookies -3 x 10 x 200 = -6,000 , but the loser is free of charge, will only lose 6,000 cookies

**Note : Multiply the bet from playing cards caused by playing cards. In various forms will give the cumulative multiplier rate more and more.


How’s it going for a Slavic review article in Wonderland? Originally, this camp’s Slavic card game has been popular for a very long time. In terms of free cookies If you play all the way and want to continue playing. You need to top up. Because there are quite a few free giveaways.  But if playing without losing, there is no problem, right?