Dutch media say the ‘Ghost’ offer to buy ‘De Jong’ from Barcelona has expired.

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Media windmill reveals an offer to buy midfielder Frenkie de Jong From Manchester United has expired. So there must be new negotiations with Barcelona. ​​Resulting in Chelsea having a chance to win more.

Marcel van der Kran, journalist de Telegraph the Dutch media giant. Reports suggest that Manchester United ‘s offer from the English Premier League to buy Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong has expired. The Red Devils will have to start a new round of talks with him Boonthum.

Dutch media say the 'Ghost' offer to buy 'De Jong' from Barcelona has expired.

Dutch boss Erik ten Hag sees the 25-year-old as his main target to grab. By the beginning of July. United had already agreed a fee with Barca at 63 million pounds or about 2,700 million baht. Plus an additional 8.5 million pounds or about 364 million baht. But the players did not want to leave the team, causing everything. delayed until this time

“I’ve heard from credible sources that Manchester United ‘s offer to buy Frenkie de Jong has expired and new talks have to start. They will have to find new ways to meet the demands of the players’ wages.”

There is no confirmation from The agency in the Bull League scolded how true the news is, but it is certain that Chelsea is another club from the great country. ready to sign a contract with this midfielder If he decides to leave the Camp Nou before the transfer window closes on Thursday, September 1, if the news is true, it means the Red Devils have to start over.

It is believed that Barcelona still want to sell De Jong in order to reduce the burden of wages. But until now the News has not moved the team. It was reported that He wants the pending wages first. At the same time, it is also reported that The UFABET club have informed the player to cancel the contract he signed in 2020, arguing that it was involved in illegal activities.