Goal of play Slavic card game

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Many people may wonder if they don’t play to bet. So what is the goal of playing this game? Slavic card games divide the winners into sequence. There wasn’t just one winner. The winning order is divided into positions in the game. The position in the UFABET game has the main positions as follows.

  • King or King is the first person to win the game.
  • Queen is the second person who wins the game.
  • People is the third person who wins the game.
  • Slave or Slave is the last person to win the game.
Goal of play Slavic card game

These positions are like a player’s measure. What will the winner tell the loser to do? for example A person who becomes a slave or slave may be ordered by a king or queen to buy things for them. Or whatever.

Where to play

For those who are interested in playing Slavic card games, I have two interesting applications to recommend to play. Both these apps have been around for a very long time. And now there are still a lot of people playing as usual. What apps are there as per the topic below?

Slavic in Wonderland

Slavic in Wonderland It is an online Slavic card game that is open like a normal online game. There is a competition system Various purchase systems within the game. The images in the game will focus on the cartoon characters. In addition, finding a room to play does not take very long.

Slavic Slavic card room in Wonderland It looks like the picture below. Which will have many features, stickers, chat channels to send to play with other players for free as well, and can also decorate the photo frame as well. Let’s try to play together.

Slavic boya

Slavboya is another open camp. Slavic card game online The game is made to look simple. Similar to the game used to play online casinos. Give the feeling like playing cards in a casino. In the app, there are many other games to play. 

As for Boya’s Slavic playing room, it will look like As in the picture below, there will be a chat box and stickers to send to other players as well. In addition, Boya will have to buy stickers to send. For anyone who likes to play with this style of painting, you can go and try it out.