How to play Slavic cards

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As already mentioned, the purpose of the Slavic card game. First to discard all cards from hand to be the winner. The first person who runs out will be the King Queen Slavic and Slavic respectively. According to the rules of the Slavic game. There will be a way to discard cards. And how to play, let’s see. I would like to give an example of a popular game that is played by 4 people as follows:

1.One deck of cards is dealt to everyone equally. Until the deck is exhausted, each player is dealt 13 cards.

2.The person who has 3♣ in their hand will start playing first. By discarding this card or any 3 pairs with this card into the middle.

3.Clockwise direction or anti-clockwise or as specified by the organizer

4.The player who will discard a UFABET card in the middle must always place a card with a higher value. Than the card in the pot.

5.Players with no cards can be discarded. Or do not want to discard the cards in that turn, must be asked, passed and will be able to play again. At the end of the round discard that card. and start a new round

6.If no player discards a higher card than the pot. It is considered the end of the round. To remove the community card from the game. Then the player who discarded the last card will be first in the next round of playing cards. And continue this game until the cards are all out of the hands of all players.

7.The first player who discards all cards will be a King. The second player who runs out will be a Queen. The player who runs out of the last is called the Deputy Slav and the last player who has been called Slav is considered the end of the first round.

8.The second round will continue the same game. But cards will be exchanged according to the position received.

9.After exchanging cards, proceed to the same game until you get Kings, Queens, Slavic and Slavic as before. This second round is the final round. will decide the win at this round Losers may be used to buy water. or anything else It’s a fun game of punishment.