‘Klopp’ is proud of ‘Swan’ with 10 men left but is dedicated to fighting until the point.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp Giving an interview to show pride that the Reds’ generals fought until the goal was equalized with Crystal Palace 1-1 despite the remaining 10 players having to talk to Darwin Nunez after being provoked.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said: Proud of the Reds team that even has 10 players left and one ball behind. But they help each other play with dedication. until the goal is always hit Ready to confirm that he will talk to Darwin Nunez, who received a red card after striking an opponent in the opening game of the home game against Crystal Palace 1-1 in the Premier League. On Monday, August 15 last

'Klopp' is proud of 'Swan' with 10 men left but is dedicated to fighting until the point.

Second match of the new season red machine  that always stumbled in the first game Want to grab three points at home. But become Palace  has the goal to lead first From the shot of Wilfried Zaha in the 32nd minute, then in the 57th minute. The hosts’ situation worsened further when Nunez received a red card from a headbutt against defender Joachim Andersen rival.

However, although the players were less , Luis Diaz dragged the ball into the equalizer beautifully in the 61st minute. Plus the Red Machine also attacked hard to win. But in the end can only open the nest to share points with Ruean Kaew Castle. Which after the game German boss came out to admire the team for this effort 

Of course it was a red card. Darwin was provoked, but that’s not how he should react. Then we equalized four minutes later with 10 players giving their all. My real feeling right now is I’m proudDarwin, I’m definitely going to talk to him. It’s not the right thing. To say too much in public like this said. The 55-year-old head coach after leading the UFABET team to just two points from the first two games.

For as a rule, receiving a direct red card will result in Uruguay shooting star Missed out on the field to help the team at Mersey Side for three games. Starting with the fierce red battle that goes to Manchester United on Monday August 22 followed by a home opening against. Bournemouth on Saturday 27 August and play in the nest again against Newcastle United on Wednesday 31 August.