‘Pickford’ did his homework before game to help save ‘Maddison’ penalty

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Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford pointed out James Maddison’s save from Leicester’s offensive line came from being prepared before the game. It’s not because of luck at all. Get happy to help the UFABET team collect 1 point back out.

Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has admitted he had done his homework about the penalty shoot-outs taken by Leicester City players , which James Maddison would have fired around 60 into the centre. Percentage So he didn’t dive either way and saved the penalty. In a 2-2 draw at the King Power Stadium in the English Premier League match on Monday night, Monday, May 1, the past

'Pickford' did his homework before game to help save 'Maddison' penalty

The relegation zone escape game, both teams needed a lot of points and the Siamese Foxes had a chance to lead 3-1 from the penalty stroke at the end of the first half when Michael Keane made a handball in the penalty area before Maddi San will take charge of killing. Shot straight to the goalkeeper, the visiting team then Alex Ewobi came to equalize in the second half to help blue toffee Collect one point to come back out.

After the game, the 29-year-old goalkeeper came out and said, “I did my homework. In the morning I made a note of where I was heading. But he’s a good player. expect me to dash But I deceived him one step further. by standing still and being able to defend This was a big moment and I was happy to help the team not to concede any goals. Because that’s what I have to do. try and help the team I will do my best to get them out of this situation.”

Pickford also said of their draw: In this game, both fights are fun. Both on the field and there was a bit of anxiety. The team got the first goal which was very good and thought. They played a great 20 minutes and did what the boss wanted. But after that, it came to be taken. But in the end we got 1 point and we didn’t come back from Leicester with zero points. 

 “We know we are still in the bottom three. and a very close score in the table zone below We have to roll up our sleeves and keep working. Even if it’s hard, I have a fighting heart. “Gol Jom Save said about the situation of the team that currently ranks 19th in the table with 29 points from 34 matches, according to the team in the safe zone with only 1 point and 4 more games. The rest this season, while The Fox  has 30 points from 34 matches, moving up to rank 16.