PSG fans condemn Mbappe after stopping running during counter-attack

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Fans of the Paris Saint-Germain team Unanimously blamed the actions of Kylian Mbappe after the referee stopped running during the team’s counter-attack in the Ligue 1 game against Montpellier last night.

         Kylian Mbappe has been blamed for his grumpy behavior after his friend failed to pass the ball in Paris Saint-Germain ‘s clash with Montpellier. Last night PSG won two games in a row to start the new Ligue 1 season, most recently at the Parc des Princes winning 5-2 to score a goal. From Falaye Zacco (own goals, Neymar (2 goals), Renato Sanchez and Mbappe. 

While Mbappe scored his first goal of the season, the man showed disappointment throughout the first half. The French superstar had a golden chance to score the first goal in the 23rd minute. When the hosts scored a penalty which Mbappe had taken. But it turned out to be hit by Montpellier goalkeeper Yo . Nas Omlin saved it.

PSG fans condemn Mbappe after stopping running during counter-attack

  the end of the first half Mbappe seems to give up. A fter his friend refuses to pass the ball to him. The referred to stop running during the counter-attack of Paris. Saint-Germain By the time the UFABET team was leading 2-0 before the end of the first half Former Wolves midfielder Vitigna, who signed in the summer, had the ball and attacked, but he decided not to pass it to Mbappe. The Portuguese has the option of passing the ball to Mbappe on the left or Lionel Messi on the right, and Vitina opted to pass the ball to Messi.

This event caused Mbappe to raise his hand in displeasure and refuse to take part in the play. Deciding to slow down his run, the 23-year-old roamed around as PSG continued their offensive game. In the end, that moment ended with Ashraf Hakimi having shot but going off the side. Clips of the incident quickly circulated on social media and supporters of the team were disappointed by Mbappe’s attitude.

 Fans’ comments include: “Should have replaced him immediately after this”, “He’s grown up and feels a bit humbled”, “He’s a selfish player but everyone pretends to be Neymar. Isn’t it?”, “This is a toxic attitude. Not good at all” , “Mbappe is very pathetic. No professionalism at all Should this kind of attitude be on the field?”, “Totally shocking. The manager should replace him immediately”, “He shouldn’t complain about not getting the ball at that time”, “What kind of attitude is this? You can’t be a great player if it’s like this. At 22, there are so many egos.”

         Mbappe scores in the second half. But he looked dissatisfied after sending the ball into the bottom of the net. He was eventually taken off in the 86th minute, with Pablo Sarabia coming on instead.