Round of play Slavic card game

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The round of play in the Slavic card game is divided into 2 rounds: the first round, everyone has equal rights to determine the positions in the UFABET game to be used for oppression in the second round. And the second round is actually a round that is played to win each other. Let’s explain it separately as follows.

Round of play Slavic card game

first round

In this first round, everyone has equal rights. That is, they are the same people. There is no forced exchange of cards. or what oppression Everyone will compete for their place in the game. In order to play in the second round, the main positions in the game are as follows.

  • Kings or Kings – the first person to discard all of their cards.
  • Queen or Queen – the second person who discards all of their cards.
  • Secondary Slav or Clown – The person who discards cards is the last vice.
  • Slav or Slave – The last person to discard all cards.
  • Citizens  – is the position that will have when playing more than 4 people. There will be trading, which is to exchange cards between the people. to exchange or not to exchange Or depending on the organizer will determine that again.

second round

This second round will be a serious decision. Because it’s the final round that really wins and loses. From the last round competing for a place in the game. By taking the position acquired in the first round Used to take advantage of players who are lower than us in the second round. Like that oppression The details of the exchange of cards are as follows.

  • Kings are forced to exchange 2 slaves.
  • Queen will be forced to exchange for 1 Vice Slav.

It can be seen that in the second round People of lower ranks will begin to be oppressed by those of higher ranks. by taking low score cards Exchange for high score cards in your hand, making it harder to win. But personally, I have to say that not always. Because the exchange may cause the smallest card of the Slav. Become a card with a higher score as well, for example, a pair of 3 slaves and Kings exchange 3 and add 1 more to become a pair. Which scores more than 2. From the picture below, I’m a Slav. and will be taken from 2 to 2 cards