“Sing the Bulls” began negotiating with “Tuchel” to extend the contract for the team.

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Slap the prize! The media hit Chelsea‘s talks with Thomas Tuchel over a new contract. By hoping to manage the team until 2026. As a reward that leads the team to success and sincerity with the club

The Sun, a famous British media outlet. News reports on the progress of the future of the team of German manager Thomas Tuchel with the team Sing the Bulls Chelsea. The famous football club of the Premier League. England near the end of the contract that The UFABET club’s board of directors began to discuss some new contracts.

"Sing the Bulls" began negotiating with "Tuchel" to extend the contract for the team.

For Thomas Tuchel, the German manager The current contract with Chelsea until the middle of 2024. During which he took over the team has been praised by all parties. Both for the performance on the field that can lead the team. To the 2020 UEFA Champions League football championship / 21 successfully acquired

Moreover, what is considered an important factor is loyalty. And sincerity towards the club in the previous season that announced that he would not leave the team. Which at that time Chelsea had a problem. Owner Roman Abramovich has been subject to asset freezes, leaving the club facing problems that could lead to a disqualification from the Premier League.

From such a situation, the current board of the “Sing the Bulls” with Todd Bohly, the new owner of the team. Has decided to start negotiating a contract with Thomas Tuchel, the report states. Chelsea will extend their contract until 2026. Bohly and Tuchel were originally in a good working relationship, as Bohly gave Tuchel the power to make a decision. more than ever