Slavic card game in Wonderland

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Slave in wonderland or Slave in wonderland is a Slavic card game from Gameindy. It offers free online games in many genres that can be played on both browser and mobile applications. Including this Slavic card game.

Slavic in Wonderland It is a Slavic card game that has a smooth playing system, has a lot of players and has a distinctive point that the game’s image is cute. There are many decoration purchasing management system. I think that girls will like it. and cute game line very much Who likes cute cartoon style. I recommend you to play Slavic cards with this app. Guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Slavic card game in Wonderland

How to apply Slavic card game

When we entered the Slavic card game in Wonderland, before we could play Must have an ID that is used to play the game, which can be selected in 2 types: Tourist ID, which is a free ID. And the Facebook ID that will link the account to the UFABET game account, which 2 types are different.

  • Tourist ID – This ID can be played like a normal ID that is registered. Only if there is a problem or lost ID from deleting the app The team is not responsible. So it’s better to apply for an account.
  • Facebook ID – The ID associated with your Facebook account to your game account. If we apply in this way Our account will not be lost for sure. You can top up and play with friends on Facebook as well.

How to sign up with facebook account When we come to the main page of the game, select Play now.

The system will have a window to choose an account to play.

When you click on it There will be a pop up Let us log into Facebook. We fill out The phone number or email and password used to log in to Facebook. The pop-up will look like the picture below. Once completed, click on Login.

Then you will be taken to the confirmation page as shown in the picture below, let us click Continue to confirm the registration of the ID with a Facebook account.

That’s it, we already have an account for playing Slavic cards. The system will run to the main page of the game. We can choose the room to play as we want. Or to find a new room, press Search for a room, but if you want to play quickly, click on Play Now, the system will randomly play the room immediately.