Slavic card game room

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Slavic playing room in Wonderland It will be a cute atmosphere, beautiful pictures as shown in the picture below. There is a theme that changes according to the festival. There are many menus in the play room. I will separate the menus as follows (see the picture below).

Slavic card game room
  1. Number of Cookies and Gold – This is a menu showing remaining cookies and gold.
  2. Additional menus – details are as follows:
    • Piggy Bank – is a collectible cookie that we spend time logging into the UFABET game. If you want to smash the cookies and use them, you need to top up 99 baht.
    • Shop – This is a store that sells in-game currency. profile decoration or other items
    • Baggage – This is our storage compartment.
    • How to play – This is a guide to play. There is a detailed description of how to play.
    • Settings – This is a menu for setting up the game. They adjust various sounds, notifications, and more.
  3. Sticker Menu – This is a menu for sending stickers to play with other players for free.
  4. Cards and Card Play Options – This is a menu where we can choose and play cards if our cards cannot be put down. The cards will be black. And there will be no menu for playing cards at all. If there are no cards that can be put down It is a function to help look at the cards in the body.
  5. Chat Menu – This is a menu that you can type and talk to other people. by sending a message