Slavic game card score

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The score of the cards in the Slavic game needs to be known. and keep it in mind Because the scores of the Slavic cards are slightly different from other card games, the scores of the cards are divided into 2 parts as follows.

Slavic game card score
  1. The part of the score on the face of the card – or is the number on the face of the card in the following order:
    • The biggest card is 2.
    • Score according to the face of the card from highest to lowest is A < K < Q < J < 10 … < 5 < 4 < 3.

2. The part of the score on the cards – sorted by the cards as follows:

  • Spades♠ > Hearts ♥ > Diamonds ♦ > Clubs♣

discarding cards

according to the rules of the Slavic card game The player who will play first is the player with the lowest score card, 3 clubs (3♣). The next player must discard only the higher score cards down. Can’t vote smaller.

By discarding cards, they are divided into odd cards. and playing a pair of cards An odd card is played with 1 or 3 singles, where 3 cards have a higher score than a single. And a pair is a 2 card or 4 card UFABET game where 4 cards have a higher score than the pair. Or to summarize, look at the simple picture as follows.

  • Highest scoring single card is 2, but if 3 has 3 cards, it is a triple whose score is higher than 2 or is any triple card. Always higher than a single deck of odd cards.
  • The highest-scoring pair is pair 2, but 3 to 4 cards have a higher score than pair 2. In other words, any 4 cards always have a higher score than a single pair for a pair.

However, discarding cards for each round, whether to play odd or even cards, the person who plays the first card of that round will determine You can choose whether to enter even or odd. Then the person who discards the next card must follow in the same way.