Ten Hag can’t hold it back

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Disappointed! The famous media revealed that the Red Devils manager, Eric Ten Hag, has changed his mind and is ready to let “Ronaldo” leave the team after having trouble joining the team. But there are conditions to get a new offensive line to replace them.

The Athletic, the famous sports media in Europe Reports on the movement of the “Red Devils” Manchester United, the giants of English Premier League football after the opening season of the latest season, played 2 matches, losing in a row, with the opening match of the season losing 2-1 to Brighton at Old Town. And Trafford then went on to defeat Brentford in a 0-4 loss.

Ten Hag can't hold it back

Manchester United’s Dutch manager Erik ten Hag has recently changed his mind about Cristiano Ronaldo’s future. Ready to move out of the team this summer immediately. Although Ten Hag previously expressed his desire for Ronaldo to stay with the UFABET team until the end of the remaining one-year contract.

For the important reason that The head coach of the Red Devils has changed his mind about this. Because in the past, Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot of problems with the team. After being trained with the team in pre-season later than other players He also likes to show frustration on the field that affects the team moderately.

Ronaldo has also begun to complain about the new manager’s style. That focuses on the players to put pressure on their opponents in high areas. Since in the territory of competitors as well But to release Ronaldo from the team The report states that Manchester United must have an offensive line to reinforce the army first. To prevent the impact that will occur on the team’s offensive game itself.