Van de Beek prepares to return to training with the “Red Devils” army

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It’s almost time! Manchester United midfielder Donny van de Beek reveals he is now recovering hard after a long injury since the beginning of the year. Now it’s almost time to come back to practice with my teammates. At the moment, it feels good because the players have always encouraged them.

From Donny van de Beek, a 26-year-old midfielder of the Manchester United team, the giant club of English Premier League football, suffered a serious knee injury from the game that the agency defeated Bournemouth. Went on January 3, until he had to take a long break. The UFABET team’s doctor stated that he had no right to play in this season.

Van de Beek prepares to return to training with the “Red Devils” army

Recently, Donnie van de Beek, a Dutch player has revealed that “In the past, I have been continuously rehabilitating after injury. in which everything got better accordingly But can not say how long it will take to be physically fit until returning to play again But I worked hard in the gym. which is now physically close to being ready to fall asleep and practice on the field soon.”

“During that treatment It was something strange for me to play. I want to go on the pitch and play with my teammates. but can’t All it can do is cheer them on the sidelines. And they encouraged me too. without them worrying about me Always asking how things are now which gave me a good feeling There is a lot of strength in recovery, said Donny van de Beek.