“Zinchenko” Suhok “Martinelli” great pace even at a young age

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A diamond is still a diamond! New Arsenal defender Oleksandr Zincheko has hailed forward Gabriel Martinelli after scoring twice in the Premier League, calling it a diamond. Even at a young age with the belief that the future will be another great player in football.

Team “Cannon” Arsenal, a famous club in London. In English Premier League football, the 2022/23 season has been impressive. They have made two appearances, winning six points in a row, beating Crystal Palace 2-0 and beating Leicester City 4-2.

"Zinchenko" Suhok "Martinelli" great pace even at a young age
“Zinchenko” Suhok “Martinelli” great pace even at a young age

From the excellent performance of the “Cannon” team, it has become a team to watch this season. And there are players that many people show great form, especially new players like Brazilian footballer Gabriel Martinelli. Who has played in two games has scored 2 goals in the first 2 Premier League games, each goal.

Arsenal defender Oleksandr Zincheko Recently moved from Manchester City has revealed the great play of a team player like Gabriel Martinelli that “he is considered a real diamond. The real thing of football He played unbelievable.”

“I’ve said the same thing about him and Gabriel Jesus, I see them [Jesus and Martinelli] every day the way they work, it’s amazing. Martinelli is a wonderful child. Even though it’s young, it’s very high quality. I can assure you that He will definitely have a great future in football.”

For Gabriel Martinelli, 21-year-old Brazilian footballer moved from Ituano, a UFABET club in the Brazilian Football League. Joined the team “big climb” Arsenal in 2019, played a total of 86 games, scoring 20 goals and providing 13 assists.