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Vaginal vault prolapse surgery watch online

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A type of surgery in which the vagina is narrowed or closed off to support organs that have dropped down. You can control many of the activities that may have contributed to your vaginal vault prolapse or made it worse. There is no guarantee that any treatment—including surgery—will relieve all of your symptoms. Wellness and Medical Topics. A mass bulging into the vaginal canal or out of the vagina that may make standing and walking difficult. During surgery, the top of the vagina is attached to the lower abdominal belly wall, the lower back lumbar spine, or the ligaments of the pelvis.

Vaginal vault prolapse is vaginal vault prolapse surgery of several types of pelvic organ prolapse POP in which an organ drops prolapses into the vaginal wall. In the case of vaginal vault prolapse, the upper part of the vagina is the organ that prolapses. Other forms of pelvic organ prolapse such as bladder, rectum, small bowel are very often present when a vaginal vault prolapse occurs. Vaginal vault prolapse most often occurs in women who have had a hysterectomy, which is the removal of the uterus. The uterus helps support the upper vagina. As the upper vagina falls into the vagina canal, the vaginal walls may also weaken. The general effect is that vaginal vault prolapse surgery vagina turns inside out, and eventually the top can protrude from the vagina opening.

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Vaginal vault prolapse surgery

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Vaginal vault prolapse surgery