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However, springs can wear out earlier due to fatigue from heavy-duty use, such as towing or carrying regular heavy loads or extra passengers. I recommend checking the brake fluid reservoir, if it low then the leak is most likely the brake master cylinder and will need to be replaced. Nonetheless, the tahoe started leaking clear fluid until i had no coolant. Answer Kinda hard to say, one theory is a exhaust tube opened up and that could explain the hissing and exhaust smell, if the o2 sensor was damaged it may also explain the hesitation. First, without moving the board, notice where the drip is hitting the board; turn your head and look up from this point at the bottom of your car and see exactly where your leak is coming from. It's leaked like this last year when it sat, so i took it in to have the oil changed and they didn't find any leaks but it happened again. I recommend checking the AC drain for clogging, use a coat hanger or compressed air to clear the drain and see if the leak subsides.

Oct 19,  · front end bottoming out Caravan | Voyager Car Forums Voyager > front end bottoming out. front end bottoming out. vns. , PM. Our Grand Caravan bottoms out when going over the slightest bump in the road. Is this vehicle prone to this type of problem or is there something that can be done? So far we have replaced struts. The Car Care Council points out that on a rough, winding road the driver of a car with worn shocks also in danger of losing control. Weak shocks permit excessive rebound of . Sep 07,  · My Car Is Leaking Fluid: Six Liquids That May Drip From a Car. Updated on May 8, Eddie Carrara. turn your head and look up from this point at the bottom of your car and see exactly where your leak is coming from. Once you have a clear view of where the fluid is leaking from, remove the board and check the color. I drive a Reviews:

While email messages received here are not answered individually, your feedback is important and welcomed. Please forward your feedback about topics, trends or suggestions for coverage of subject areas from and for the automotive car bottom out, consumers, car culture or automotive service technology worlds. At one point while driving recently on car bottom out open highway, I noticed that an older sedan traveling in front us was a perfect example of a car that needed shocks. Now how did I know that the car needed shocks and not springs? Car bottom out time this vehicle hit a bump or irregularity on the road it would bounce over the bump and then continue to rock up and down for a few hundred feet down the road. Rather than rebound and stabilize after the road bump, the car just continued to bounce along over every bump.

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Car bottom out

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Car bottom out