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After a paternity reveals that Liam is Frank's biological son, both Ian and Lip decide to get a test to see if they are not his kids. To me, the gay scenes are just If he's just repulsed by gay sex scenes then that might be because either 1 he's a bit homophobic, even if he's not aware of it, 2 he's not used to seeing gay sex which wouldn't be strange, since we don't get to see a lot of that on TV , or 3 he only enjoys sex scenes that turn him on and, since he's not gay, he doesn't see the appeal in those scenes. He, himself, wants to help the kids too. He finds Fiona has decided to let him make his own choice and they go to court.

Ians scenes/straight people (self However i hate watching Ian and Trevor because I dislike Trevor the character and the actor so I happily skip their sex scenes. Chemistry is chemistry and great acting is great acting. But with me it's not just with Shameless, and it doesn't matter whether they're straight or gay. So I'd say it depends. Once the storyline was put into motion, casting was one of the most crucial aspects for the Shameless team. Recalls Rossum: “Introducing Trevor was the most exciting part of the episode. Apr 28,  · This is part two of the amazing love story of Ian and Mickey from the tv series Shameless! I added some scenes with Fiona, Lip, Mandy and Cash that add to Ian and Mickey's storyline.

Ian Clayton Gallagher is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 comedy dramaShamelessand its American remake on Showtime. Ian Gallagher is the third oldest Gallagher sibling and is aged 15 at the beginning of the first series in He is the son of Monica Gallagher Annabelle Apsion shameless ians sex Gary Bennett, revealed when his blood group was found to be incompatible with the rest of his siblings'. He has one shameless ians sex, Katie Maguire, who is the daughter of Lip. He used shameless ians sex work at The Jockey as a barman but in more recent series his employment, if he has any, has not been shown. In the early series, Ian is depicted as closest to his brother Lip, with whom he shares a room, and is initially the only member of his family to know that he was gay.

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Shameless ians sex

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Shameless ians sex